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ONElist Owners' Manual

Congratulations on creating a mailing list community with ONElist. Running a list community can be a very rewarding experience. We've assembled this document to try to answer many of the questions that you may have about running a list community.

How Do I Access the Moderator Functions on the Web Site?

All moderation functions for your list are available through the Manage List screen. To access the Manage List screen for your list, click on the User Center link on the ONElist menu bar. After entering your email address and password, you will get the User Center screen. It will list all the lists you moderate. Next to each of these is a link to the Manage List screen for that list. On the Manage List screen will be links to view subscribers, add users, approve messages, and all the other available moderation functions.

Subscription Links and Email Command Addresses

ONElist makes it easy for people interested in your list to subscribe to it. We provide a special subscription URL that walks people through the subscription process for your list. The form of the URL is: We also provide graphics that you can include on your web site. These graphics and the HTML code needed to display them are detailed on the Manage List screen for your list.

In addition, we provide several special email addresses:

where listname is the name of your list. For the subscribe, unsubscribe, normal, and digest commands, just send an empty email to the address.

Note: the address is just for people to contact the managers of a list.

Someone is Sending Inappropriate Messages to My List

You have several ways to deal with this. A warning message to the user is a good first step. If the person continues to send inappropriate messages, you can turn off their ability to post to the list. You can do this through the Subscribers link on the Manage List screen for your list. Or, you can unsubscribe the person from your list.

One of my Users Thinks That Spammers got Their Address from ONElist

ONElist does not give out email addresses to anyone. We also do not send seperate mailings to our users.

I've Added a User and They Don't Show Up as a Subscriber

If you added the user using the option where they have to respond to a confirmation email, then most likely they have not done so yet. If you directly added the user, and they aren't showing up, it is because the user's account is either bounced or inactive.

How can I Get Rid of the Advertising on List Messages

ONElist now offers a no ads option. Please click here for more information.

How can I Promote my List

There are many ways to promote your list. We have a page dedicated to the available options. One thing to note is that if you wish to advertise your list on other lists, you must get the permission of the list owner first.

Resources for List Owners

There are many resources available for list owners. We have a page for list owner mailing lists.

You may also wish to start an Excite community for your list.

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